Facial Fitness

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May 22, 2012

By Anne Miller

You exercise your body to stay toned and fit. You exercise your mind to stay alert and keep your brain stimulated. But what about your face? Exercise can go a long way to prevent the development of wrinkles and to soften existing expression lines that can make you look older than you feel. Exercizing your facial muscles can also revitalize your skin by increasing the blood flow to the skin’s surface, and improving overall look and feel.

Even if you take good care of your skin and are lucky enough not to have too many wrinkles, as you grow older you still might find your facial muscles are showing the effects of gravity. A saggy skin on your face and neck can give away your most closely kept secret…your age. A regular workout of your facial muscles can improve and eventually help to eliminate some of these common problems, making you look years younger.

Here’s one facial exercise that will help tone the neck and flatten a double chin. Repeat this exercise once a day for six days and then take one day off. After your break continue for six days again… and so on. Make this simple facial fitness regimen a part of your regular exercise routine.

1. Lift your chin to create a taut line between your chin and the base of your neck. Keep your shoulders erect.

2. Press the surface of your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth. (Your tongue acts as the anchor when you press it against the roof of your mouth.)

3. Allow your teeth and lips to part slightly.

4. Hold the contraction for five (5) seconds.

5. Relax your face and bring your head to its level position.

6. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your nose.

7. Repeat the remaining sets three times holding the contractions for ten (10) seconds each.

8. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your nose.

Source: “Families Magazine”

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