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January 10, 2013

GREENWOOD, Miss – Viking Range Corporation has taken a huge step toward fostering employee wellness by opening the Viking Health and Wellness Center, which will provide health and wellness services for roughly 1000 Viking employees and their covered dependents on the Viking health plan.

This health clinic is centrally located in downtown Greenwood and is managed by Mississippi-based Medical Analysis, LLC, an experienced professional organization that provides health and wellness services for many companies throughout Mississippi and the Southeast.

“The most valuable asset Viking has is its people. They are important to us and their health is important to us,” said Viking President and CEO Fred Carl. “I am therefore pleased to bring this exciting new benefit for Viking employees.”

The clinic provides a broad spectrum of health and wellness services for Viking employees and their families. In addition to acute, urgent, and primary care, a major focus of the Viking clinic is to create and nurture a culture of wellness within the Viking workforce. Health risk assessment and counseling, diabetes coaching, smoking cessation programs and healthy weight loss support will be among the wellness programs offered.

The clinic is staffed with a nurse practitioner and other highly-trained clinical personnel. The clinic staff works with the employee being treated, as well as their long-term physician, in order to manage and treat chronic conditions when applicable.

For more information contact Cary New at 662-451-1628.

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