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September 16, 2013

In this issue of Well-Being, we have broken with tradition and have focused the majority of our editorial content on a single topic…breast cancer. We wanted to provide our readers with a comprehensive look at resources and information that would help someone with breast cancer navigate their way through the healthcare system and deal with the challenges of treatment and recovery.

What we found is that covering one particular topic from several different angles allowed us to offer much more detail than we can normally include within the limitations of just a few pages. Having “been there and done that” we have seen the benefit of periodically taking one serious health concern and dedicating more time and space to it so we can cover all aspects of how it affects a patient’s life and lifestyle.

In addition to our featured articles on breast cancer, we address other subjects that are on the minds of our readers. We have had some specific requests about covering the “Challenges of Pregnancy after 35” and “Coronary Calcium Scanning.” We also address some back-to-school time concerns that can be challenging for both kids and their parents, “Bullying” and “Healthy Homework Habits,” and we introduce our readers to MPB’s “Ed Said,” for great ideas to get kids moving and eating healthy. We hope the content we provide in this issue will help guide those who are dealing with these issues, as well.

Starting in just a few weeks we will provide an exciting new service that will take Well-Being from the printed page, out into the community. We’ll launch our Well-Being Health-Wise Shopping Workshops, that will give participants a 1-hour, experiential shopping trip to the grocery store where, under the direction of a licensed dietitian, they will learn to save time and money, while selecting healthy foods that are nutrient rich and easy to prepare. We’ll be kicking off this new program by giving away free workshops to the first participants who register to win on our website,

Bringing reliable, up-to-date information about fitness, health, nutrition, image, family issues and green solutions, requires that we rely heavily on community professionals who so graciously offer their expertise and insights into the topics we cover. We want to express our thanks to each of the individuals who helped us bring our readers this issue and the important topics covered on these pages. We couldn’t have done it without them.

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