Fall Leaves…

By admin
September 18, 2013

Put Them to Work for You, Instead of the Other Way Around.

If you are already dreading the chore of raking or blowing and bagging your fall leaves, here are some great excuses to cut down on the chore with some positive results for you and your lawn. Instead of disposing of your leaves, via trash pick up, or hauling them to the local landfill, why not take advantage of the natural benefits they provide.

When leaves stay on your property, fewer local resources are used to pick them up and haul them away (yours or your community’s).

When leaves are left in the garden, a natural landscaped area, or in a leaf pile over the winter, they break down into leaf mold, providing a nutrient rich soil topping that is beneficial for organisms above and below the surface.

When decomposing leaves are left on your lawn, in your garden or beds they create a mulch covering that will help to protect your lawn grass and plants from frost and keep weeds down.

When you mow over the leaves on your lawn a couple of times and leave the shredded matter to decompose, it will nourish the grass and help retain moisture.

If you have a leaf bagger attachment on your mower or you don’t mind bagging, the whole or shredded leaves left in a bag over the winter will break down and create a wonderful mix that can be added to your compost pile as brown matter that’s needed in combination with green matter for a healthy compost mix.

Before you discard your leaves, think about the cost of commercial mulch and the time and effort it takes to load and unload it, spread it and then inevitably replace it. If you have trees on your property, you have your own handy mulch factory right in your own backyard.

While money doesn’t grow on trees, leaves do. When they eventually begin to fall they have value that can’t be measured in dollars and cents. So, enjoy the crisp air, and the brilliant colors of the fall leaves and wait. You’ll soon be reaping nature’s rewards.

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