Why Don’t They Just Quit? What Families and Friends Need To Know about Addiction and Recovery

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January 14, 2014

By Joe Herzanek

If someone you care about has ever been through the battle with addiction to alcohol or drugs, you know what a complicated and difficult experience it can be – maybe the hardest thing you will ever experience. Herzanek’s book, Why Don’t They Just Quit? has real-life solutions to how to help cope with the process can be instructional and enlightening. But most of all, it offers hope to family members and friends of those struggling with addiction.

Herzanek answers some common, but complex questions about addiction, such as:

Why a person doesn’t have to hit rock bottom before getting help. Why helping can actually be hurting. Why quitting is not the same as recovering. How to deal with the situation if your loved one suffers a relapse. How to find assistance with the cost of treatment. And more.

Herzanek helps the reader understand that addiction doesn’t only affect the life of the substance abuser, it affects everyone who lives with, works with or cares for the addicted person. Why Don’t They Just Quit? offers some common sense advice to understanding and surviving a loved one’s battle with addiction.

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