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March 19, 2014

Spring is arriving and with more chances to get out in the fresh air, it’s also a great time to take a fresh look at how we manage our health and wellbeing. Since our first issue, Well-Being has been all about taking an active, even an aggressive role in the status of our health. We have covered all of the most common ways we can reach our health and fitness goals: maintaining a healthy weight; getting regular exercise; eating a healthy diet; avoiding tobacco products; limiting alcohol consumption; having appropriate health screens at the appropriate intervals, to mention a few.

In this issue, we have focused on a couple of additional factors that can play important roles as we seek to do everything possible to keep our families and ourselves healthy. They might not immediately come to mind, but they are part of a smart strategy to optimize your health and healthcare dollars. They are “How to make the most of your annual check-up” and “Diagnose you health insurance plan.”

Many of us never miss the yearly check-up with our primary care physician or specialist, but do we really take advantage of the time we spend with them to be sure we are not neglecting any aspect of our health that should be addressed? Being prepared with a list of questions and concerns, bringing the appropriate documentation of tests, vaccinations and medications, and finally, being honest with our healthcare providers can go a long way toward helping them help us.

And then there is health insurance. What can I say? Most of us have come to consider it a necessary evil. It’s expensive, it’s confusing, even aggravating, but we know we don’t want to be without it. We want to give special recognition to the staff of the Mississippi Insurance Department, who helped up put together some important information about health insurance. It addresses how health insurance is changing and how to know what our policies provide, so that we can proactively approach the way we spend both our healthcare dollars for insurance and direct healthcare costs. Knowing what is covered can help us avoid missing important services and also prevent unexpected out-of-pocket expenses incurred for procedures and services that are not covered.

We hope our readers will find these and other articles in this issue helpful in their quest for good health. We believe the more we know, the better each of us can be at guiding the course of our own lives toward a path to health, happiness and wellbeing.

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