Reawaken Winter Skin

By admin
March 21, 2014

After the kind of winter we have had this year, with temperatures in the teens and wind chills that would be more at home in the far north, the idea of shedding the heavy coats, sweaters, boots and leggings sounds pretty great. But the downside of donning something light for spring is that the skin you’ve kept under wraps during the cold weather will now be visible again. If your winter skin is “not ready for prime time,” now is the time to give it a little extra TLC.

Give your winter skin a wake-up call.

Exfoliate. Just like animals shed their winter coats, you’ll need to shed all your dry, dead skin to brighten and refresh your look. Invest in an exfoliating cloth or brush and use it with a good exfoliating scrub all over your face and body while you’re in the shower. Keep in mind that the skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body so you may need to use something a little gentler. After your bath, replenish your skin’s hydration by applying a soothing moisturizing lotion all over.

Smooth out the dry spots. After the long winter, you probably have a few dry patches, particularly on your knees, elbows and feet. The best way to smooth them out is with a simple ingredient you may already have at home: Petroleum jelly! Apply an ample amount to any extra-dry spots before you go to bed.

Time for a Tune-up. You never miss your car’s scheduled maintenance, but what about your skin? Save a date on your calendar every few months for a skin tune-up. Visiting a salon or spa that specializes in facials will not only help you get rid of blemishes and dead skin, you’ll also get advice on how to customize your daily cleansing routine to fit your skin type. Plus, who doesn’t love to be pampered?

Care before you go bare. You’ve been avoiding your razor for months, and why shouldn’t you? Your legs haven’t seen the light of day since November, so why bother shaving them? But as the warmer days make bare-legged outfits more acceptable, you’ll want to get back into your hair removal routine – whether it means shaving, waxing, laser hair removal or whatever. No matter the method you choose, remember to moisturize afterwards and try to stay out of the sun – skin that’s recently undergone hair removal is more sensitive.

Prepare to catch some rays. Sunscreen is important all year round, but now that there’s actually an opportunity for you to spend hours basking in the sun’s glow, it’s more important than ever to make sure you protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Use a moisturizer with at least an SPF of 15 every day. Toss a small bottle of sunscreen in your purse or car just in case – you never know when you might get the urge to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors!

Source: The Huffington Post

 Turn skin from dry and itchy to smooth and supple. 

A lot of hot air. Dry air is the most common cause of dry skin. Turn down the thermostat during cold weather and use a humidifier in your bedroom.

Wet and wonderful. If you’re applying moisturizer to dry skin (as in skin that is not wet), you are missing the boat. Moisturizers work best when the skin is still slightly damp so it can trap the moisture.

Are you in hot water? Prolonged exposure to hot water can wash away the skin’s natural oils. Avoid long hot showers and baths.

A rose by another name… As with everything these days, it pays to read your soap labels. If you have sensitive skin, look for “fragrance-free” products. That is not the same as “unscented,” which may still contain perfumes.

Easy does it. Go easy on your skin. Your skin doesn’t have to be harshly scrubbed to get clean.

Scratch the itchy threads. Rough, itchy clothing can play havoc with already dry skin causing further irritation. Switch to softer, smoother fabrics and feel the difference.

Rx for H2O. Water is the best medicine for your skin. No matter the season, it’s important to stay well-hydrated. Carry a bottle of water wherever you go and make drinking water throughout the day a habit. It’s a great way to get in those 8 glasses a day.

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