The Balcony Gardener

By admin
March 24, 2014

By Isabelle Palmer

This book is an aesthetic inspiration from cover to cover. Palmer, an avid gardener who created a successful business from her ability to enliven any balcony, roof terrace, and windowsill with her inventive gardening ideas, introduces her tools and techniques for container gardening, in the most confined spaces.

The Balcony Gardener is at once both fun and educational, with concise explanations about everything from “All About Potting Mix” to “Salad Crops.” Palmer organizes the book into sections by garden themes, partnering compatible plants for culinary and other uses. For example, Palmer suggests a container combination for Mediterranean dishes, herb boxes designed for seasoning chicken, fish and curries, as well as a container garden of medicinal plants. She even includes ways to turn your balcony, roof terrace, or patio into an attractive space to dine and entertain with stylish lighting and furnishing ideas.

Besides being such a pleasure to page through, The Balcony Gardener is filled with ideas and practical advice to help even the most inexperienced gardener transform any available sunny space into an attractive and productive oasis.

Reviewed by Whitney Gilchrist

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