Gift Cards that Rock

By admin
November 18, 2014

Let’s face it, choosing the perfect gift for someone special is not always easy. There are the proverbial questions of size…color…style…flavor…personal preference…not to mention price tag. You get the idea. It can be mind numbing and all you want to do is find that unique item that says you care and you took the time to seek out a special treasure just for them. Fortunately, there is a great way to accomplish your goal and let your loved one in on the selection! Gift cards, of course. Following are a few of Well-Being’s gift card reccommendations that could rock your tree and make you #1 Santa this year.

Spa and Salon Services. You can’t go wrong with spa or salon services for him, her or them. Whether the lucky recipient of your gift decides to be pampered with a massage, facial, body wrap, hot stone treatment, mani-pedi or any one of the other services offered at the spa or salon of your choice, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness as they relax and let the stress of the holidays melt away.

Fitness Club Memberships or Exercise Classes. Whether their preference is for yoga, Pilates, traditional exercise classes, spinning, swimming, Zumba, or something else, a gift of fitness is one that says you support their goals for a healthy and fit life.

Gourmet Kitchen Equipment, Accessories and Classes. For the cooking enthusiast, nothing is as welcome as a gift card from a gourmet cookware shop. They’ll love choosing the special piece of cookware, handy utensil or accessory he or she has secretly coveted. Many high-end shops also offer cooking workshops. No matter the choice, it’s a gift that will never go out of style.

Clothing and Accessories. You don’t have to be a clotheshorse to be thrilled with a gift card from a favorite ladies shop or boutique. Whether she decides to find that special ensemble for New Year’s Eve or take advantage of the after Christmas sales to select an everyday treasure, it will be a gift she’ll remember with pleasure.

A Favorite Restaurant or Wine Bar. Nothing says love like food and your loved one will know how much you care when you present a gift card for one of their favorite restaurants or wine bars. It’s an especially meaningful gift for young moms and dads with busy families who find date nights few and far between. A gift of dinner for two will be remembered and appreciated long after the last course is served.

Garden Shop and Gardening Classes. If you have someone on your gift list who loves to spend time in the garden, you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate for a gardening center that offers specialized equipment, accessories and plant materials. The possibilities are almost limitless. Some centers also offer gardening workshops or classes. Whether she has a green thumb or is just getting started, she’ll love the chance to choose a gift for the garden.

Casseroles, etc. to Go. These days when everyone is so busy, there are times we just don’t have time to shop for and prepare a meal. You can take that chore off the to-do list of someone you care for, with a gift card for a casserole, dinner or dessert from a shop that specializes in tasty dishes, pre-prepared so all she has to do is heat, serve and enjoy.

Bike Shops and Sporting Goods Stores. Whether you have a dedicated cyclist, avid hunter or fisherman, paddler, golfer, runner or any of a myriad of other sports enthusiasts on your list, there is always that newest gadget, special piece of equipment, or must have accessory that has been dancing like grown-up sugar plums in their heads. And, after holiday sales can be a great time for them to get the most bang for your buck.

Fun For the Family. Looking for a gift that the whole family will enjoy? What about a family membership to a local museum, family pass to a park or attraction, or season tickets for a sports team or tickets to the Egg Bowl. It’s a gift of family togetherness that will be appreciated and remembered for years to come.

A Gift of Well-Being. Don’t forget that subscriptions are now available for Well-Being magazine. If there is someone on your gift list who is interested in taking an active role in improving the status of their health, their level of fitness and their overall quality of life, a subscription to Well-Being is a perfect gift that will keep giving throughout the year. For subscription information visit or call 601-364-3981.

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