The End of Diabetes

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November 18, 2014

By Dr. Joel Fuhrman

The End of Diabetes is written obviously for those who have diabetes or those who qualify as prediabetic. Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains how his nutritional plan can make a 50 percent reduction in medications in the first week and an eventual elimination of all medications within three to six months. Dr. Fuhrman has counseled more than ten thousand patients through nutritional reform. Once you begin to flip through the pages of Dr. Fuhrman’s plan to reverse diabetes you will realize that it is also sensible for those looking to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and simply eat nutritiously. After an in-depth explanation of diabetes and the role of nutrition, menu plans and recipes follow.

If you’re not diabetic, more than likely someone you love or care about is. While I am not diabetic, I found Fuhrman’s book helpful. My mom has type 2 diabetes and I would like to understand what she is going through. I also want to stay on a healthy path; and know my weaknesses. I never mind being reminded of the importance of taking the time to plan for healthy meals which include – whole grains, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds – all of which contain the micronutrients Fuhrman asserts are keys to good health.

While Dr. Fuhrman asserts the success of his plan in reducing the need for or quantity of diabetes medication required to control blood sugar, Well-Being cautions readers against making any changes in medications without consulting their primary care physician.

Reviewed by Lisa Newman

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