Aging Backwards

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September 03, 2015

aging backwards

By Miranda Esmonde-White

Miranda Esmonde-White is a popular fitness personality and the creator of a fitness technique called Eccentrics. Eccentrics is a type of stretching that involves a simultaneous lengthening and strengthening of all the muscles, which Miranda argues results in greater mobility in the joints and promotes longer, leaner muscles. Studies have shown that we can slow down the aging process, and Miranda offers her Eccentrics technique as a way to maintain and repair cells. Practitioners of her plan have the ability to increase energy, improve strength and mobility which all work to keep weight gain under control. Miranda has worked with a wide range of people, from professional hockey players to prima ballerinas and patients of chronic disease, to maintain the health of their muscles in a pain-free manner.

Aging Backwards is Miranda’s foundational text, providing eight workouts with instructional photos, tips and tools after a thorough introduction to the physiology and benefits of exercise. Miranda’s book offers this positive motivator: “Every day, we have a very clear choice: We can grow older or we can grow younger.”

Reviewed by Lisa Newman

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