Put a “Green” Spin on Your Family Picnic

By admin
July 04, 2016

Family of four having picnic

WB.PicnicBasketPack reusables: A reusable picnic basket vs. a bag; reusable dishes; and a reusable cloth table cover and napkins vs. their paper counterparts are not only eco-friendly, but will give your spread a lot more style. A plastic storage container makes a great caddy for taking and bringing home your reusable gear.

Take recyclables: If you need to travel light and can’t take along reusable gear, try eco-friendly disposable dishware and utensils. Be sure to take along a trash bag so you can take your disposables home to recycle or dispose of appropriately.

WB.PicnicWatermelonThink fresh and local: Fresh fruit and veggies are in abundance this time of year. Take advantage of some great local produce to make your picnic fresh and healthy. Watermelon is a traditional picnic favorite, but don’t stop there. Think raw veggies for dipping as a quick appetizer, or grilled favorites like peppers, mushrooms and squash, just to mention a few.

WB.PicnicGrillGreen your grill: If you’re picnic menu calls for grilling, the Sierra Club recommends a propane grill, because charcoal emits more carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and soot. If you don’t want to give up the charcoal taste, try using a grill box with soaked wood chips in your grill. Always check the safety regulations of your local, state or national park before grilling or building campfires.

WB.PicnicFlowerEnjoy nature: Okay, you’re out in the middle of nature. Don’t just enjoy a great meal and then pack it in. Open your eyes to the beauty around you and get out and explore. Take home some special photos to remind you of the day, but remember, wildlife is not there to be a prop in your shot, and no selfie is worth risking serious injury or worse.

WB.PicnicHamburgerKeep it to yourself: Never feed wildlife, either on purpose or accidentally by leaving behind leftovers. Feeding wild creatures can be dangerous and can also make them dependent on man and have a negative impact on their natural habitat.

WB.PicnicGlassesProtect yourself: Make sure to use insect repellant and sunscreen. Also wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the location and activities you have planned.

WB.PicnicRedCupTake out the trash: Anything and everything you take into the woods, beach or lakeside, should come home with you. As our friends on the Gulf Coast like to say…leave only your footprints behind.

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