By admin
March 04, 2017

It’s SPRING! We haven’t passed the vernal equinox yet, but there is no doubt that the days are longer, the air is warmer, and buds are bursting out all over. For you gardeners, this is the time of year when your green thumbs start twitching and seed catalogues become your preferred reading. Here at Well-Being, we turn our thoughts to healthy ways to enjoy the outdoors. Whether your passion is running, biking, kayaking, gardening or any of a number of other sports and activities, this issue has a little something for everyone.

For me, spring is like coming out of the cocoon after the long winter. I go from finding comfort in the cozy warmth of the house to craving the freedom of the fresh air and sunshine. Spring also stirs up the creative juices and gives me a renewed sense of excitement for sharing information about eating right, exercise, finding balance in our lives and taking proactive steps to prevent health problems before they get started.

This issue we were inspired by Foot Print Farms, the subject of our “Making a Difference in Mississippi” feature. It’s a story of how 68 acres, one determined lady, a lot of hard work by many hands and enthusiastic community involvement can change lives. It also is a welcome reminder of the intersection of nutrition, health, economics and opportunity.

As always, we hope the topics we covered will inspire you, our readers to seek the fulfillment of a healthy, sustainable life. We would love to hear your stories and get your thoughts about subjects you would like to have us cover. You can write to me at

Here’s wishing you a fit and healthy spring. Winter’s over, so get out there and kick up your heels a little – shake off the cobwebs and take a deep breath of spring air. Now, don’t you feel better?

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