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May 08, 2017

Since the summer of 2010, when we were planning the first issue of Well-Being that would be released late that summer, one of our strongest motivators was the idea of creating a reader-friendly publication that would provide information about health and fitness and the resources available to help Mississippians better manage their health. Too often the gulf between quality healthcare and those who need it is not due to a lack of resources but to basic factors like the lack of transportation, education and awareness. If you don’t have a way to get to the doctor, all the facilities and services in the world are not going to help. If you don’t know about programs and services that are available you are not going to be able to benefit from them. If you are not aware of your own health risks you are not going to be able to take steps to improve them. And, if you don’t have access to healthy food, adequate housing, safe neighborhoods or clean air, your quest for good health is a struggle that can seem insurmountable.

What we have found on our journey of the last 7 years is that for all of it’s deficits, Mississippi is blessed with an army of volunteers, administrators, ministers, teachers, doctors, nurses and other health and fitness professionals, a list far too long to mention, who have dedicated their lives to making up for the disparities that have held Mississippi back in the past. There are also countless non-profit organizations, small businesses and corporations who pledge their time, energy and resources to help raise money and awareness for Mississippi’s greatest health challenges. Well-Being is very proud to have had the privilege of working with many of these folks who make a difference every day, and who together are helping to change the future of healthcare and wellness for the people of the state.

Instead of selecting one organization or institution to spotlight is this issue for our regular “Making a Difference in Mississippi” feature, we want to recognize all of those unnamed thousands who are on the frontlines in communities across the state fighting for better health and improved lives. They are the heroes. They are the role models. And they are the inspiration that keeps us all going in the pursuit for a better way of life for the people of Mississippi. Well-Being salutes you and may God bless you.

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