Families First Provides Adult Addiction Education Program

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November 10, 2018

Families First Provides Adult Addiction Education Program

JACKSON, Miss. – Families First for Mississippi looks to help Mississippians caught in the cycle of addiction by providing educational and recovery resources to help them avoid devastating drug overdoses, so prevalent in Mississippi. Through its Adult Addiction Education Program Families First helps those suffering from addiction begin the process of healing and recovery, along with their family members who also need access to education and support.
The general purpose of Families First Addiction Education, Recovery, & Prevention classes is to enhance awareness, knowledge, and understanding of:
  1. How addiction affects individuals and families
  2. How to identify and address addiction risks and behaviors
  3. Where and how to seek help for addiction
  4. What to expect from treatment and recovery
  5. How the dynamic of the change process happens to achieve recovery
Addiction Educators with Families First use instructional and group interactive strategies to create a dynamic that engages individual learning and change.
For more information on Families First for Mississippi Adult Addiction Education & Recovery Program, visit https://www.familiesfirstforms.org/adult-addiction-recovery.

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