Prescription Drug Prices on the Rise

Prescription Drug Prices on the Rise

Healthcare remains one of our most pressing issues as the country gears up for the 2020 election. In addition to concerns over rising health insurance premiums and worry over whether protections for coverage of pre-existing conditions will continue, the spiraling cost of prescription drugs is at the top of the list for a vast majority of people. Prescription drug prices have increased so significantly that far too many patients are having
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  • Collaborative Seeks to Strengthen College Tobacco-Free Policies
    Posted Mon 09/23/2019 9:54PM
    This August, the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation hosted the University and College Tobacco-Free Campus Collaborative. Top levels of leadership from all eight of Mississippi’s publicly-funded universities and thirteen community colleges engaged with healthcare and education experts
  • Newk’s Cares Kicks off 6th Year of Promoting Ovarian Cancer Awareness
    Posted Mon 09/23/2019 9:49PM
    JACKSON, Miss. – Newk's Cares, the ovarian cancer awareness movement founded by fast-casual restaurant Newk's Eatery, will observe Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month this September, through a number of events and initiatives designed to increase public awareness and honor co-founder of
  • MS Biologist Researches Kale’s Cancer-Killing Effects
    Posted Mon 07/8/2019 3:48AM
    JACKSON, Miss. – Belhaven University’s Associate Professor of Biology, Dr. Elizabeth Brandon and a team of student researchers are conducting foundational research toward a breakthrough in the fight against cancer. The University’s team is revealing preliminary data that shows a

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