Let me introduce myself. You might recognize my name as Well-Being’s managing editor, but I am thrilled to announce that beginning with this issue, I will be taking on the role of publisher as well. When Kalil Abide, the magazine’s former publisher and founder, generously offered me the opportunity to purchase the magazine so he could spend more time building on and expanding his growing dental practice, it was a
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Breaking News

  • Making Sense of Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines
    Posted Mon 09/5/2016 2:21PM
    Determining when to start breast cancer screening and how often to be screened, continues to be a source of confusion for women. On one hand, the findings of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPST) released this January state, “For
  • MHSAA Guidelines Presented at Student-Athlete Health Forum
    Posted Mon 09/5/2016 2:18PM
    At a UMCC Student-Athlete Health Forum and the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents’ meetings, held this spring, leaders in concussion research, emergency medicine, sports rehabilitation, athletic training and neurology, shared their knowledge with Mississippi coaches, trainers, athletic directors and school
  • Families First for Mississippi
    Posted Mon 09/5/2016 2:12PM
    Over the last five years, Families First for Mississippi has successfully served all 82 Mississippi counties by providing Youth Development and Parenting/Life Skills programming, with services delivered by two community agencies: the Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) and the Family

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