Feeding the Soul

Feeding the Soul

Fitness and Fatherhood: Passin' It On By Joey Lee Afew years ago, while speaking to an elementary school about a 150 mile race across the Sahara Desert I was training for, a little girl, about six years old, asked a question that really bothered me, “Can girls do that?” Fast forward eight years and that question haunts me now more than ever because I am now snuggling with a beautiful baby girl of Read more »
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July 11, 2012


For the love of more than the game. By Nathan Crace Most kids pick up the game of golf from their dads because, generally speaking, the paternal limb of the family tree carries the dominant golf gene – dominant in frequency, not necessarily in ability. My personal story bucks the trend: my dad didn’t play golf. In fact, no one in my immediate family – neither my mom or two older sisters Read more »
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July 09, 2012
Feeding The Soul

Feeding The Soul

Lead by Example…in the quest for healthier kids. By Doug Pinkerton, M.Ed. When was the last time you took a good look at the health of American children? We are all so busy with our own families, few of us have time to delve into the details of the health trends of young people, but it’s impossible to miss the fact that there is an epidemic of childhood obesity. If you look Read more »
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May 22, 2012

November 13th 2019

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in the news St. Dominic’s Diabetes Education Program Receives Recognition
Posted Mon 01/2/2017 4:21AM

JACKSON, Miss. – St. Dominic’s Hospital recently was honored by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) with the award of an read more »

EOS Imaging Reduces Exposure to Radiation for Children’s Hospital Patients
Posted Mon 11/21/2016 6:36PM

JACKSON, Miss – For patients at Batson Children’s Hospital with conditions like scoliosis (curvature of the spine) that require frequent read more »

Ask Dr. Germ…About Reusable Grocery Bags
Posted Mon 11/21/2016 6:33PM

In an effort to live a more sustainable and less wasteful existence, many of us have rejected infamous plastic shopping read more »

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