July/August 2012

By admin
July 10, 2012


Ever since I first started thinking about publishing a magazine about health and fitness and the healthcare resources that are available in the state of Mississippi, I knew it would be important for the publication to reach people throughout the state. Well-Being, like any other fledgling magazine had to start on a smaller scale, but we always planned to expand our distribution as soon as our revenues grew enough to make that possible.

The first step toward statewide coverage for us began last summer when we started direct mailing Well-Being to all of the hospitals and the majority of medical clinics and doctors offices throughout the state. We also began distributing the magazine to selected locations in the Delta, north Mississippi and south Mississippi, in addition to wide distribution within the central-capital region.

Now, thanks to the support of our readers and advertisers, Well-Being is taking a huge leap forward with the addition of a new feature in our upcoming issue. Starting with the Well-Being September/October 2012 issue, we will include a new Well-Being Healthcare Resources section that will give healthcare and health-oriented businesses and institutions an opportunity to advertise their products or services by region. For the first time our readers throughout Mississippi will have a source to go to for information about healthcare services and facilities available in their own areas of the state. We have divided the state into six distinct regions: the Capital Region, the Delta Region, the Northeast Region, the East Central Region, the South Region and the Gulf Coast Region. To go along with the addition of this new resource section, we will increase our circulation to over 25,000 copies and will deliver the publication to selected locations in each region of the state.

From an editorial standpoint, we will be looking for exciting news and feature stories from around the state that we can cover. Our goal is to highlight the state’s excellent resources and recognize the progressive work, through a variety of programs and services, which is being accomplished throughout Mississippi to advance the state of the healthcare industry and the quality of health of Mississippians.

We are excited at the prospect of taking yet another giant step for the magazine. We thank our readers from around Mississippi and our loyal advertisers for helping to make it possible.

If you are interested in learning more about the new Well-Being Healthcare Resources section, please visit our Contact page for our sales staff.

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