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November 12, 2012

JACKSON, Miss – HealthTeacher recently released the first-ever interactive, pro-social mobile game to address one of the nation’s leading issues affecting youth: bullying. This game titled “Awesome Upstander!” encourages young kids to race (electronically) through a school cafeteria and bathroom to help rescue a target from a bully. Along the way, players must collect enough friends to stand up to the bully together.

“Awesome Upstander! offers a highly entertaining play experience for kids while teaching them they have the power to diminish bullying by banding together as upstanders,” said John Herbold, VP Product of HealthTeacher. “Kids tell us Awesome Upstander! is fun to play, and parents say it gives them peace of mind knowing their children are learning how to deal with an issue affecting the emotional and physical safety of their kids.”

Filled with challenges, levels, hidden objects and fun sound effects, Awesome Upstander! is designed to engage kids just like other popular interactive games while promoting social good. At the Awesome Upstander! website, teachers can download supporting material for their classroom, and parents can download resources for teaching their kids about upstanding at home.

Baptist Health Systems in Jackson, Miss. partnered with HealthTeacher last year, providing high quality health education resources for teachers, school nurses, and school counselors in 18 counties in central MS. Health-Teacher is an online resource of lessons and interactive tools that help kids live well. Lessons cover relevant youth health issues and are designed to engage students and fold seamlessly into the classroom setting. Baptist is the only hospital in Mississippi offering this program.

“As the 2012/2013 school year kicked-off, we continue to work with the funded school districts providing HealthTeacher access and training,” added Shay Lewis, Health Education Coordinator for Mississippi. “The new interactive anti-bullying game is a powerful tool for engaging kids and teaching them how to make a stand against bullying. The video game can be played at home or in the classroom setting and works hand in hand with HealthTeacher’s lesson plans centered on the topic of bullying.”

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