May-June 2013

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May 13, 2013

We certainly never know from one issue to the next, or let’s face it, even one day to the next, what might happen that will change our world forever. When we first talked with Joey Lee, a long-time contributing writer for Well-Being, about doing a series of articles on qualifying, training and running the Boston Marathon, we certainly never expected to be sitting by our televisions on race day, watching with horror as we learned about the bombings, and then waiting to hear if Joey and his family were okay. It made the bombings even more personal to us, and we realized once again how vulnerable we are. Fortunately, we were relieved to hear from Joey that they were all okay, but definitely shaken by the enormity of it, as were we all.

As I began to think about other articles we have included in this issue, it dawned on me that every topic we cover, in one way or another is personal. The struggle to live a healthy life affects us all and the information we offer on our pages is often the result of something a reader brought to our attention, something that has recently happened to a friend or family member, or something we have read about in the news that touched us some way.

Since we began publishing Well-Being, we have seen remarkable advances in medicine and technology, and yet we still find our state leading the nation in obesity and among the states with the highest rates of death from heart disease. We can take comfort in the knowledge that healthcare information is available to more people via the internet, but there are still parts of Mississippi where seeing a doctor is difficult, if not impossible for those who don’t have the resources to travel a distance to receive the care. We have come to realize that the pursuit of health and fitness is riddled with contradictions, but overall, there is more progress than not, and that’s what keeps us busy bringing the information to you, so you can apply it to your lives.

Because we want to continue to offer health and fitness topics that appeal to our readers, we ask that you share with us your ideas for future articles. We have been gratified to hear from readers all around the state who have seen the magazine and who have told us it contains information they can use. That is why we do what we do, to let our fellow Mississippians know about some of the exciting things that are happening and important resources that are available right here in our state. It matters to us that the information on our pages will have an impact on your lives, after all, for us, and we hope for you as well…it’s personal.

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