Echoes: What Cancer Can Teach Us

By admin
September 18, 2013

By Lana Turnbull

As we did research for the articles about breast cancer that are included in this issue, and we talked to numerous caregivers, healthcare professionals and survivors, our goal was to delve into what it means to face the disease. We also wanted to provide reliable information and resources to help patients and their loved ones, as they work their way through diagnosis and treatment. What we discovered is just how much we could learn.

Not only was it eye opening to find the number and quality of resources available to breast cancer patients and their families, but we also were struck by the dedication and commitment of those who work with these patients on a daily basis.

We learned that all of the healthy lifestyle choices we try to convey in every issue of Well-Being are even more important for someone who is battling cancer…such as eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, avoiding tobacco use, limiting alcohol intake, and learning to reduce stress.

I think most importantly, we learned that living with cancer, teaches those who experience it what we all need to learn…

We should live in the moment and appreciate every day.

 We can’t do it all by ourselves and we need to let people help us.

 We need to remember not to sweat the little things.

 We have permission to treat ourselves occasionally.

 We should never forget that humor is good medicine.

 We each have a limited number of tomorrows, but we have all day today.

 We can find the strength we need to face whatever lies ahead with prayer and faith.

 Friends and family are the greatest blessings on earth.

It might sound simplistic and a little cliché, but when we think about it, the greatest truths in life usually are.

We thank everyone who helped us pull this issue together, and in doing so who taught us some of the greatest lessons we will ever learn. We dedicate this issue to you all.

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