Cool your ride with 3 Great Cycling Apps

By admin
September 17, 2014

Looking for a new app to help you take your ride to the next level? Check out the following cycling apps cited by in partnership with Whithings as standouts in the app market.

Cyclemeter GPS

What It Is: This training program app is equipped with GPS to map out routes and a tracker to manage laps, intervals, and splits.

Why It’s Cool: When you can’t exactly be hands-on (two hands on the handlebars, folks!), this app takes care of it for you by allowing for start and stop activation via your earphone remote, and automatic stop detection that pauses your tracker.

Cost: $4.99. Available for iOS.


What It Is: Perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers, and skiers who often find themselves on adventures, RoadID allows friends or family to track you while you’re out. They don’t need the app; they just need a web browser and your username in order to monitor your progress and safety.

Why It’s Cool: This app lets you know you’re not alone on the road. Users can create a personalized lock screen that includes up to three “in case of emergency contacts” as well as important health information. If something happens, a friend or family member is alerted so they can get you the help you need.

Cost: Free. Available for iOS.

Strava Cycling

What It Is: Turn your training into a game with this cycling tracking app.

Why It’s Cool: Connect with other cyclists and challenge them to rides that will push both of you further. Each time you set a personal record, you earn King or Queen of the Mountain honors. You can also check in on friends and send them support while they’re riding out their own goals.

Cost: Free. Available for iOS and Android.

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