The Paleo Kitchen

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September 16, 2014

By Juli Bauer and George Bryant

What do you think of when you hear the word paleo…cavemen eating a meat-only diet? If you keep up with cookbooks and health books, you know about the endless cycle of books featuring the latest fad diet. Honestly, I had put paleo in the fad category. Then came along The Paleo Kitchen and I saw paleo in a whole new light.

Juli Bauer’s story starts during her college years. She is addicted to sugar and processed foods and suffers from severe digestive pain with no apparent cause. To Bauer’s credit, she began to question what she ate, changed her diet and found a way to exercise that worked for her. The exercise and the non-processed foods reinforced each other, and over time she began to feel much better! Soon Bauer began sharing her experience and recipes in a blog. Online she eventually teamed up with the like-minded George Bryant after years of sharing ideas. The Paleo Kitchen is the result.

The online blog turned print cookbook is a familiar story, but Bauer and Bryant do a smashing job, combining their different styles and enthusiasm. I don’t remember coming across such a sensible approach to eating (wild and grass fed meats, leafy greens, fruits, nuts and healthy oils – even the cavemen knew they needed a balanced diet) presented in such a smart way. Bauer and Bryant provide steps, which help you to listen to your body and develop a healthy eating style that works for you.

Reviewed by Lisa Newman

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