Managing Diabetes: There’s an App for That

By admin
November 19, 2014

The first step toward managing diabetes is knowing your numbers. Tracking devices designed specifically to help you monitor your diabetes, can help make getting on the right track easier and more efficient than ever before. By getting an accurate view of your blood sugar along with how much you’re exercising, what and when you are eating, and even your sleep patterns, you can take a proactive role improving your overall health and keeping your diabetes under control.

Research shows that tracking – and the awareness that comes with it – really works. Recent studies have found that people with diabetes who used apps – to record food, exercise, and other behavior – had better long-term blood sugar control.

8 of the best diabetes tracking apps of 2014

Fooducate iPhone – 4.5 Stars – Free • Android – 4.3 Stars – Free An important part of managing diabetes is managing your diet. It’s not just about counting calories and weight management. It’s about nutrition and knowing what’s really in your food. When you’re living with diabetes, ingredients matter. Fooducate helps you identify which foods are high in sugar, fats, and unnecessary ingredients. By scanning barcodes, you’ll learn more about the good and the bad in packaged foods.

Glooko iPhone – 4.5 Stars – Free • Android – 4 Stars – Free Glooko helps you manage your diabetes by allowing you to upload your glucose readings directly from your meter. You can create a record of your numbers so the information is available to you at all times. View the statistics breakdown in graph form, track your goals and share the information with your doctor. Keep track of your diet, exercise routine, and medications. You can sync all your data and view it online.

Glucose Buddy iPhone – 4 Stars – Free • Android – 4.4 Stars – Free Glucose Buddy stores the data you need to manage diabetes without a lot of hassle. You can input your glucose numbers, insulin dosages, and how many carbs you take in at each meal. Other features help you track your exercise, blood pressure, weight, and more. You can sync your data so you can view it online or even print it out. This app is ideal for the “take-charge” person who values efficiency.

OnTrack Diabetes Android – 4.4 Stars – Free Want to know your average glucose levels for the month? Need a reminder to take your medications or test your blood? Want to share your readings at the doctor’s office? You can do all this and more with OnTrack Diabetes. With an intuitive layout, it puts the information you need at your fingertips at all times. It’s a lean, targeted approach to managing your health.

Diabetes App iPhone – 4.5 Stars – Free How many grams of sugar were in that pastry you just ate? The Diabetes App can tell you. This app keeps track of the things that may affect your blood sugar levels, so you can make informed choices about your diet and treatment. The convenient calendar feature gives you a quick overview of your important health information. You can track your weight, blood pressure, water intake, and so much more. iPhone – 5 Stars – Free Android – 4.1 Stars – Free Diabetes isn’t a single disease. People with diabetes have a lot in common, but some things are very individual. That’s why gives you the freedom of personalization. It helps you manage your insulin, insulin pump, medications, and diet. Its simple design means tracking your diabetes won’t cut into your busy schedule. Set reminders and access your data online. You can even send reports directly to your doctor.

Glucool Diabetes Android – 4.3 Stars – $4.99 Glucool Diabetes lets you customize diabetes management to fit your lifestyle. Add your insulin, carbs, and personalized notes, then back up and restore your important data. Graphing options pinpoint problems and show you what you’re doing right and/or wrong. The running record of your blood glucose levels, blood pressure, dietary intake, and medications will help you and your doctor make important healthcare decisions.

Diabetes Pilot iPhone – 4 Stars – $11.99 What if you could scan a barcode to get the nutrition data on the foods you buy? You can with the Diabetes Pilot. You can also access information on a wide variety of foods, as well as record your insulin and medication use, diet, exercise, and more. If you’re an insulin user, it can estimate how much you’ll need for a meal or what you need to get your numbers back on track. And, you’ll have a running record to share with your doctor.

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