A RUNNER’S TOOLKIT: Essential items for taking your running on the road

By admin
January 13, 2015

By Rebecca Turner, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

If you’re training, it’s important to create a runner’s toolkit that will help to de-stress everyday workouts. Treat yourself to a designated running bag that can be tossed from the trunk, to the gym, or to the laundry room floor with ease.

A well-equipped runner’s toolkit includes:

• A water bottle that can be worn or easily carried on the run.

• An extra sports bra (ladies), wicking socks, and hair ties or hat.

• A towel to dry off sweat and lay on the seat before driving home.

• Sport Sunscreen (A must for summer runs).

• Lip balm with a high SPF – winter or summer months can cause dry and chapped lips.

• Anti-chafing cream to apply pre-long runs to areas fabric seams meet the skin.

• Shelf-stable snacks: trail mix, nuts, raisins, oranges, fruit cups, or to-go peanut butter.

• Shelf-stable drinks: bottled water, sports drinks, or 100% juice boxes.

• Extra packets of mid-run carbohydrate gels for long runs. o Electrolyte tablets, pills, or small portions or low-calorie sports drinks.

• Some form of Road ID in case of emergency

• Comfy pair of flip flops.

• Extra pair of headphones.

• Toilet paper or wet wipes, trust me.

• Five dollars for when you forget your water or sports drinks.

Whether you’re just starting out, or returning to running, don’t be overwhelmed by this list. As your training increases in miles, your toolkit will naturally grow in content. Being organized and prepared will make workouts stress-free and more enjoyable.

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