Healthy Meals for Busy People

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January 09, 2015

What’s your excuse…? Many of us know we should eat a healthier diet. We may even know what, when and how much to eat to maintain a healthy weight and make sure we are getting the proper nutrients. But…(and there always seems to be a but) our lives are just too hectic. We don’t have time to shop for healthy food. Our schedules don’t leave time for preparing healthy meals at home. Eating healthy food out is too expensive. The excuses go on and on, but the truth is, it’s hard for busy people to find the time for one of the most important aspects of our lives: good nutrition.

Chad Trigg of Madison experienced first-hand the challenges of eating healthy while maintaining a busy, active lifestyle. He developed his keen interest in fitness while in college at the University of Tennessee, where he began lifting weights and participating in obstacle races, and other active pursuits, that he continued after graduation and entering the workforce.

“After college, I was working, trying to work out and train for events, and like so many other people who have busy active lives, I found that I just didn’t have time to prepare healthy meals for myself,” explains Trigg. “Even if I had time to cook, there was the time and money it took to drive to the store and shop, and the waste if I didn’t get around to cooking after I had taken time to buy the food.”

Out of Trigg’s frustration grew the inspiration to create a solution – Busy Bods Nutrition, healthy meals delivered daily.

“Early last year, I had started playing around with the idea of a business that would deliver healthy, calorie conscious meals for the busy person,” Trigg notes. “I began polling friends and family, busy professionals, singles, and young couples about the time it takes for meal planning, shopping and cooking, and I found that I was not alone. Almost everybody said they knew they should be eating better, but simply didn’t have the time.”

By July of 2014, Busy Bods was a reality. The company offers freshly prepared, reasonably priced meals, delivered Monday through Friday by 7:00 a.m. There is a choice of meal plans, including a monthly plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner, combinations of two meals or just one meal, such as dinner if preferred. There is also an a la carte option for people who just want to order for certain days when they know they will be too busy to prepare their own meals. And, Busy Bods provides catering for groups with a minimum of ten meals, each of which comes with one entrée and two sides, and the option of adding dessert and beverages for an additional charge.

All of the meals offered by Busy Bods are dietitian planned and chef prepared. Both the monthly and a la carte plans offer daily menu choices designed to provide around 500 calories per meal. In addition, there is an option called the Competition Menu, which is specifically formulated for people in training or “those who just want to look like they are,” that is only 400 calories per meal.

Meal selections for the upcoming week are ordered on-line and are due in by Saturday evening at 7:00. The meals are prepared the day before delivery and are packed in insulated bags and left overnight in a walk-in cooler to be ready for delivery by 7:00 a.m. the next day. Chef Sam Monroe and Dietician Rebecca Turner, work together, along with Trigg to develop healthy, well-balanced meals. All meals are packed in microwave-safe containers, ready to heat and eat at the customer’s convenience.

A sample menu might include: scrambled eggs, turkey sausage crumbles and a biscuit for breakfast: a choice of red pepper & goat cheese frittata and spinach salad or buffalo chicken sandwich and spinach salad for lunch; and a choice of three-cheese lasagna Italian green beans and marinated veggies or Southwestern salmon Cobb salad for dinner.

“The response to Busy Bods has been incredible,” says Trigg. “Our most popular plan is for a 5-day week with either lunch and dinner or just dinner provided, but we also have customers who order all three meals a day, Monday – Friday. Our customer base includes people from a wide range of demographics, from single professionals, to married couples with young kids, single parents to seniors. In the future we hope to offer more specialty meals, such as gluten free and low sodium meals, and a special menu for kids,” Trigg adds.

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