Maddie on Things

By admin
March 06, 2015

maddie on things

By Theron Humphrey

Maddie on Things is a book with a lot of heart. Theron Humphrey was a photographer with a comfortable job a corporate firm, but after losing his grandfather, Humphrey began to look for something more. Soon after Humphrey’s loss, his girlfriend flatly told him: “You’re the most disappointing human being ever.” Humphrey knew, whether his girlfriend was right or wrong, that something needed to change. His answer was to hit the road with his dog Maddie. Maddie on Things documents Maddie standing – often in graceful balance atop random objects, as well as jumping and resting in various poses over a 365 day period as the two journeyed 65,000 miles across America. These unusual travelers even made it to Hattiesburg and Jackson, Mississippi. Maddie on Things is a simple, yet brilliant demonstration of the inspiration pets bring to our lives and the power of photography and travel to change our perspective on life.

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