Slow Gardening

By admin
March 06, 2015

Slow Gardening

By Felder Rushing

Slow Gardening is inspired by the Slow Food movement – a movement, which encourages the support of local food sources, and biological and cultural diversity. Felder Rushing’s Slow Gardening is based on a similar movement in gardening that encourages us to pay closer attention to the rhythm and seasons in our own gardening community and follow our creative intuition.

Rushing’s book is geared toward the new or intermediate gardener, but as a veteran gardener, I found it a refreshing read. The book is laid out in a beautiful and reader-friendly format with stories and examples from Rushing’s own garden, and other gardens. Each section is peppered with quotes, which speak to life lessons and gardening. Some of his advice might appear to be basic common sense, but even the most experienced gardeners can use these reminders because gardening can be trying at times! Perhaps that is why he includes an entire section on “Garden Psychology.” He also addresses the “Nuts and Bolts” of gardening, such as dealing with pests, and learning how to compost and fertilize properly. Slow Gardening is the perfect gift for yourself or a gardening friend as we gear up for another growing season.

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