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July 01, 2015

Fresh fruitbowl

A new study recently published in the journal of Psychology & Marketing attests that eating more nutritious foods can be as easy as following a three-step method called the C.A.N. approach. Researchers at Cornell University analyzed data from 112 studies focused on healthy eating behaviors and determined that people who were the “best” eaters made their choices thanks to health-conscious people in their lives who made changes in their environment to encourage healthy eating. Healthier options were made more (1) convenient, (2) attractive, and (3) normal (thus the C.A.N. approach). The principle behind the findings is that “it is easier to change your environment, than it is to use willpower” according to Brian Wansink, PhD, Author of Slim by Design and Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.

Suggestions for making healthy eating something your family C.A.N. do:

• Place a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen table or single-servings of various proteins in your refrigerator. (Convenient)

• Try to make these foods more attractive. Buy colorful fruit that looks enticing and prepare fresh cut veggies and store in a see-through container ready for snacking. (Attractive)

• Be consistent. The more often your family has quick access to healthy selections the sooner they will become the “normal” choices. (Normal)

To read more about the C.A.N. approach to healthy eating visit http://foodpsychology.cornell.edu/OP/CAN_Approach


Source: Yahoo Health

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