Finding the right FOUNDATION for a more beautiful you

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September 03, 2015

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Whether you are a fresh faced teen trying your hand at makeup for the first time, an over-worked mom juggling work, home and kids or an active fifty-something (or older) wanting to give your face a fresh new look, finding the right foundation can be daunting. The myriad of colors, textures and methods of application, can make the task seem practically impossible. In the best scenario you want to discover the right products and colors to enhance your features, while looking natural…only better.

Well-Being sought the help of Amy Head, founder and owner of Amy Head Studio and creator of Amy Head Cosmetics, along with her photographer husband Harold Head. Amy shared her unique approach to helping her clients bring the elements of color, skin type, and lifestyle into harmony to produce a look that introduces light and definition to the face.

According to Amy, seeking help is the first step to finding the right foundation for your age and stage of life.

“You have a 90 percent chance of failure if you don’t get help from someone who is a professional and can guide you,” she notes. “Your goal is to find the right foundation so that your makeup looks like it belongs there.

“Let’s start by talking about color. You want to choose a foundation that matches the brightest color in your neck and chest. The color of your neck should extend to your face. And, remember, your foundation is not just about coverage, it is also about infusing light into your face, so you want the brightest shade that matches your natural skin tone. Never test foundation on your hand or wrist. They have no relationship to the color of your skin on your neck or face.”

“Once you have found the right color of foundation, you will want to find a powder type product that adds a layer of translucent color to the face through the powder step,” Amy explains. “Take a large brush and feather your powder all over the face to make a bright finish. Foundation is really a two-step process, the base and then the powder overlay.”

“Next let’s talk about skin type and how that affects what product you should choose,” Amy continues. “If you are a teen with oily skin, you want a product that is oil free. You need one with a little coverage, but that is light enough not to build up. You might try a ‘compact’ product that is applied with a sponge. At the other end of the spectrum, if your are over fifty and can’t get enough moisture to stay hydrated, you want a product that will help add moisture to your face, like a pretty liquid foundation, and finish off with light powder. Of course, there are many other skin types in between. Do you have a combination of oily and dry skin? Is your skin sensitive to some fragrances and dyes? All of these questions are key to finding your perfect foundation.”

“Lifestyle is also an important factor to choosing the best foundation for your needs, Amy adds. “If you are a busy working woman, with little time to linger over makeup preparation each morning, you want a product that you can quickly apply around the eyes, in areas of discoloration and around the nostrils, and then brush over with an oil free powder for a bright, fresh look.”

Amy also reminds us about the importance of daily sunblock. She recommends a broad-spectrum sunblock that can protect from both UVA and UVB damage. It should be applied first and it will help make your foundation go on more smoothly.

“Makeup is a tool to bring out your own inner beauty that should be used to enhance, not mask your features.” ~ Amy Head

“Never apply makeup to skin without some form of moisturizer or primer,” Amy notes. “Primer is great if you are like me, and need your makeup to stay fresh looking all day. Primer provides a good surface for applying your foundation and will help keep it from soaking into the skin over the course of the day. As a painter, I equate applying makeup to applying paint to canvas. You want the right surface so you can bring color and beauty to life.”

“Finally, it’s important to remember that makeup is only half of the equation,” she explains. “Ultimate beauty comes from within. You have to take care of your body inside first, by staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet and making lifestyle choices that help you maintain good overall health. Learning to deal with stress is part of that too. The dump of cortisol into your system that is brought on by stress can wreak havoc on your skin.”

“Makeup is a tool to bring out your own inner beauty that should be used to enhance, not mask your features. When you find the right products and apply them in the right way, your natural beauty shines through and comes to life,” Amy concludes. Amy Head has studio locations in Ridgeland and Oxford, Mississippi and Amy Head Cosmetics are sold in selected locations in Mississippi and Alabama. For more information about Amy Head products and locations visit

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