Celebrate a Healthy Heart This Year

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January 06, 2016

WB.HeartHealthy18967896MediumWhat better way to welcome the new year than with a commitment to better health?

There are several risk factors for heart disease. Some can be treated or controlled, and some can’t. “The more risk factors you have, the greater the chance of developing heart disease,” says John A. Bellan, MD, PhD., Cardiologist, Baptist Heart, Jackson MS.

Three risk factors for heart disease are beyond our control: age, gender, and heredity. However, other risk factors are completely under our control.

Cigarette smoking has a huge impact on risk for heart disease, and also for stroke and cancer. “Decide to quit and see your physician if you need help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms,” urges Dr. Bellan.

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and avoiding excess body weight are the other ways in which anyone can greatly lower their risk of cardiac disease.

Cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels are influenced both by heredity and by the factors you control – diet, exercise level, and body weight. “Know what your numbers are for these risk factors and work with your physician to determine if medications are required to achieve the best possible control of these risk factors,” concludes Dr. Bellan.

This article is reprinted from HealthSource, Winter 2016, with permission from Baptist Health Systems.

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