Winter Fitness Survival Kit

By admin
January 06, 2016

Portrait of a woman running against against blue sky

Even in the Deep South, winter can pose a challenge to the serious fitness aficionado. Invigorating can quickly turn to miserable, when you lack the gear you need. Whether you are training for an event or just keeping fit, as the thermometer drops and the damp winter weather moves in, it’s more important than ever to be prepared when you are exercising outdoors.

Well-Being talked to some fitness buffs, including our own contributing writer Joey Lee (marathoner, triathlete, and recent Ironman participant) about what they would pack in a winter fitness survival kit. Preparing the well-appointed gym bag for colder temps and shorter days, can save you a lot of discomfort and keep you safer when you hit the fitness trail this winter.

Begin with the Basics

• Lip balm

• Reflectors for running or biking after dark

• Warm-up pants and top

• Extra socks

• Moisturizer for chapped hands, face, body

• Sun screen

• Cap or hat

• Gloves

• Hand warmers

• Sun glasses with UV protection

• Flashlight

• Protein bars

• Bottled water

Man running at autumn during sunrise

Check Out Joey’s Picks

• Tights

• Arm warmers (for cheap/disposable arm warmers, cut the end out of a pair of tube socks)

• Shoe covers/ booties for cycling

• Leg warmers

• Ear warmers (different than a hat because it just covers your ears and you won’t get too hot as you warm up)

• Wind breaking vest

• Gloves/mittens (Extra socks can replace gloves if you forget them)

• Handkerchief or bandana, can be used as an ear warmer or to wipe your nose (because if you’re running or riding outside, your nose is gonna run.)

Joey also recommends Mizuno Breath Thermo clothes designed to have a chemical reaction that produces warmth when they get wet, so when you sweat, they warm up. “They let me go from three shirts and a jacket to one Breath Thermo shirt and a long sleeve top or vest!”

Being prepared is not just for Boy Scouts. Give your winter fitness survival kit some thought now so you won’t get caught out in the elements wishing you had.

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