By admin
March 04, 2016

BreastfeedingSpring! I don’t know the derivation of the word we use for the season following winter, but whether it refers to the time when plants are “springing” from the ground, or the “spring” we feel in our steps as the temperatures rise and the trees begin to show new buds, it seems to be an appropriate word for this time of renewal. I usually equate spring with gardening – tilling and planting with the anticipation of fresh-from-the-garden veggies. However this year, as we began planning our editorial line-up for the March/April issue, a different theme began to emerge in our list of articles – babies and young children.

Reminiscent of some of the first scenes in the Disney classic “Bambi,” spring is a time when new life is almost everywhere we look. So, it seems apropos that we focus on topics pertaining to how we care for, communicate with and nourish our own wee bairns.

Raising a child is an awesome responsibility. If we think about it too much, we would second-guess every moment of every day wondering if we are doing everything right to help them develop into healthy, happy, well-rounded and successful individuals. Fortunately, caring for a baby or child keeps us so busy we don’t have time to obsess about every move. The basics for the “care and feeding” of young humans are fairly universal: they require adequate food, shelter, sleep, exercise, medical care (when needed), conversation and love.

In this issue Well-Being addresses how we, as parents, can fill our children’s ever-growing needs in ways that can help them reach their true potential, a daunting and yet an indescribably fulfilling achievement. We dedicate this issue to Mississippi babies and children and the parents who are charged with guiding them through the intricacies of growing up.

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