Yogurt May Protect Women from Developing High Blood Pressure

By admin
May 16, 2016

WB.SneakySugar14459011SmallPhoenix, AZ – According to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology/Lifestyle 2016 Scientific Sessions this spring, women who ate five or more servings of yogurt per week had a lower risk of developing high blood pressure compared to those who rarely ate yogurt.

“No one food is a magic bullet but adding yogurt to an otherwise healthy diet seems to help reduce the long-term risk of high blood pressure in women,” said Justin Buendia, lead author of the study and a Ph.D. candidate at Boston University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Our study shows that daily intake of dairy products, particularly yogurt, lowers the risk for developing high blood pressure, which is a key risk factor for the development of heart disease and stroke,” Biemdia added.

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