GI Associates Opens New Flowood Location

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July 05, 2016


JACKSON, Miss. ­– This June, GI Associates, opened its new location at 2510 Lakeland Drive as the anchor of the Mississippi Medical Corridor in Flowood. This new facility takes the place of the former location on North State Street in Jackson. At 88,507 square feet, the Endoscopy Center and Clinic, a project of Benson Construction and Masonry of Ridgeland, assembles a broad range of programs and services under one roof to enhance the level of gastroenterology care, as well as the comfort and convenience of its patients.

According to Todd Warren, Chief Executive Officer of GI Associates, the Endoscopy Center features 7 procedure rooms and the Clinic houses 27 patient exam rooms and accompanying waiting areas. The new facility also provides numerous in-house services, including: CT scanning; ultrasound; a blood lab; an infusion suite and an on-site pharmacy.

“The main reason for consolidating these services under one roof is for patient convenience and patient satisfaction,” notes Warren. “Think about it…the addition of our blood lab means patients don’t have to leave our facility for their tests and we can receive the results of their blood work much more promptly. Then, thanks to the addition of CT & ultrasound, patients can avoid having to go to the hospital and re-register for the procedures days or weeks later, because we can provide the services the same day here in this location. And, our infusion program patients can undergo their infusion services in a new, beautifully appointed room. Finally, our pharmacy allows patients the convenience of picking up their medications before they leave the office.”

Warren notes that another important reason for offering additional clinical services in the new location is the cost savings it affords the patient.

“The cost for a procedure performed in the hospital can be significantly higher than the cost for the same procedure in an outpatient setting,” Warren continues. “This is one way our new approach protects a patient against higher medical costs. If a patient wants to come to one place for most or all of their GI healthcare, where it is more economical for them, it is more efficient for them, and they know they will be treated like royalty… the new GI Associates building is the place.”

One of the primary goals of GI Associates is to promote the message that “Colon Cancer Screening Saves Lives.” In addition to the new Endoscopy Center and Clinic on Lakeland Drive, GI Associates has facilities in Vicksburg and Madison. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 601-355-1234 or visit

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