Nature’s Palette

By admin
September 04, 2016


By Lana Turnbull

Of all nature’s seasons, fall is the one with the most striking color scheme. When the leaves begin to turn, I’m reminded how glad I am to live in a place where every season brings something new. Each time of year has its own palette of colors we come to expect and look forward to with anticipation. Studies about the psychology of color are just catching up with what nature has known all along.

Spring ushers in the colors of new life, the soft pastels of the first leaves and flowers that appear after the long drab days of winter. The pinks, whites and pale greens, yellows, sky blues and lavenders remind us of hand picked spring bouquets, “Easter dresses” and bonnets, and warm sunshine.

Summer comes in with a bang and the bolder tones of deep green lawns, blooming zinnias. Fresh tomatoes, peaches, corn and peppers replace the softer hues of spring. And then, when summer drags into the dog days, as if to provide a cooling respite, the tones of yellow black-eyed Susans and Queen Anne’s Lace, take their place along the roadsides and trails.

Fall is nature’s last hoorah. The flaming yellows, reds and golds of the changing leaves, the orange of pumpkins, and the deep tones of goldenrod and purple Joe Pye weed paint the landscape with brilliance, as if to say…let’s celebrate the year and prepare for the quiet, still days of winter that lie ahead.

Winter comes in on the heels of the flourishes of fall with bare limbed trees silhouetted against the cold blue sky. The fields are fallow, and the flowers of summer are gone. Even the birds mute their songs. It’s a time of rest, and of thoughtful reflection. Yet under the surface, there is a promise of what is a coming when the undercurrent of nature awakens again, and the colors of spring burst forth once more.

The cycle of the seasons skillfully carries us along, fills us with anticipation and comforts us in the knowledge that next year it will happen all over again. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote “Spring shall come, come again…” but as I long for the weather to grow cooler, the days shorter, and the perfume of wood smoke to fill the air, I say…”Fall shall come again. Let it burst forth in a bright celebration of color and warm our hearts and spirits.” I’m ready to celebrate all of its glory.

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