An Accident of Geography: Compassion, Innovation and the Fight Against Poverty

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November 21, 2016


By Richard C. Blum with Thomas C. Hayes

An eminently successful private-equity investor, humanitarian and public policy advocate, Richard C. Blum chronicles his journey to help lift thousands of people from poverty in far reaches of the world – people who have little or no access to the most basic necessities of life simply because of ‘the accident of their birth.’ Having created an unprecedented, multidisciplinary curriculum in poverty and development studies for the University of California, Blum offers practical guidance on what works best to give people the tools of 21st century management and engineering, and philanthropic development. This inspiring story takes the reader to the far off lands of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and the Himalayan regions of India where he has generously helped many poor find new opportunities, enabling threatened communities and cultures to thrive.

An Accident of Geography is a call to action that reflects Blum’s passion to make the world a better place.

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