EOS Imaging Reduces Exposure to Radiation for Children’s Hospital Patients

By admin
November 21, 2016


JACKSON, Miss – For patients at Batson Children’s Hospital with conditions like scoliosis (curvature of the spine) that require frequent x-rays, ongoing exposure to radiation can have a cumulative effect over time and put them at greater risk of cancer in later life.

Children’s Hospital’s new EOS imaging system, purchased with funding from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, produces just 20 percent of the radiation in a normal X-ray, and the radiation emitted by the EOS system is 20 times less than the radiation of one CT scan.

The EOS uses two fine X-ray beams that are capable of creating, simultaneously, front and side images of a patient’s body. In less than 20 seconds, the system can capture an image of the entire spine. And these three-dimensional images can be taken while patients are standing or sitting, giving physicians a clearer picture while keeping the patient comfortable.

“It increases the quality of images while exposing the patient to a fraction of the radiation,” said Dr. Wade Shrader, professor and chief of pediatric orthopedic surgery at UMMC.

Because patients with spine, hip or limb conditions can be X-rayed with the EOS system while upright, radiographers and physicians can get a clearer picture of a patient’s bone structure when bearing weight. Its three-dimensional imaging capabilities make the system ideal for planning spinal and limb surgeries, Shrader said.

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