The Hidden Life of Trees

By admin
March 04, 2017


By Peter Wohlleben

Could it be that trees are social beings? Do they communicate, share, protect and sustain one another? Peter Wohlleban’s international bestseller, The Hidden Life of Trees, reveals their amazing social order, he and other forest scientists have discovered in recent decades. A German forester, Wohlleben might seem an unlikely source for such insight, but after years in the woods, observing and evaluating the “economic value” of trees, he came to understand the remarkable interconnected nature of groups or family units of trees in the forest.

The details of Wohlleben’s discoveries are amazingly life affirming, even awe-striking. He explains how trees use taste and smell to protect each other from danger, how they nurture their young and send healing nutrients to ailing members of the group. They even provide sustenance to aging stumps, keeping them alive long after they have been struck down.

The Hidden Life of Trees gives a glimpse into the intricate relationship trees share with each other and their environment and offers the basis for serious reevaluation of the modern logging industry. With his perspective of the nature of these forest giants, we may never look at a simple walk in the woods the same way again.

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