Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation

By admin
March 04, 2017

*WB.WhyTimeFliesBy Alan Burdick

Time: what is it and why do we care so much about it? It runs our days, measures our breaths, drags when we’re bored, ‘flies when we’re having fun,’ and never seems long enough as we grow older. Burdick’s new release, Why Time Flies is a witty and meditative exploration of how time gets in us and why we perceive it the way we do.

Despite its title, it is not a heavy scientific text.

The author points out our obsession with time and what we perceive to be our control of it, when in reality our quest for precision in ‘timekeeping’ and clocks, makes absolutely no sense when our manmade measurement of time is by its nature imprecise. Could we live without the concept of time, and if not, why did we invent it?

According to Carlo Rovelli’s review of Why Time Flies that appeared in the New York Times, “Time is not on our side.” While it doesn’t answer every question we have about time, it reveals a new, and often puzzling way to look at the nature of time. It is a captivating combination of Burdick’s own struggles with time and efforts to explain it by both scientists and philosophers. Perhaps ‘why time flies’ is a question that will never be answered, but is likely to haunt us until…well, the end of time.

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