Peaches: a Savor the South® Cookbook

By admin
May 13, 2017

WB.B.PeachesBy Kelly Alexander

Award-winning food writer and Atlanta native Kelly Alexander deftly explores the special place peaches hold in the Southern heart including her own “Fuzzy Memories,” and offers practical advice for selecting, storing, and cooking them. Warning for bedtime readers: her recipes for everything from appetizers to condiments, desserts to drinks, will have you dreaming of peaches all night and then rushing out to the local fruit stand to satisfy your cravings as soon as the sun is up.

Alexander may hale from Georgia, but she’ll touch your Mississippi heart with her reverence for the history and significance of peaches, and what our love affair says about us as Southerners. And besides all of that, we think you’ll agree her recipes are what Mama would call just plain scrumptious.

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