The Monster Who Wanted it All

By admin
May 13, 2017

WB.B.TheMonsterWhoWantedBy Andi Green

What do you do with a monster who wants EVERYTHING? Zelly, The Monster of Envy has a very, very bad case of wanting everything, especially if it belongs to somebody else! From his clothes to his toys, he’s never content with what he has. Zelly’s demanding cry of “Mine, Mine, Mine” is really starting to bug everyone and what’s more, it’s turning him green with envy. If only he could be a king. Then he’d have it all. But would he finally be happy? Fortunately, Zelly learns some hard lessons about expectations and appreciation.

The Monster Who Wanted it All is just one title in The WorryWoo Monsters series by Andi Green. Her books have won numerous awards including two Creative Child Magazine Awards, an iParenting Media Award and a Mom’s Best Award. Andi’s goal is to help children embrace their emotions and find their inner Woo.

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