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September 13, 2017


There are a lot of theories about the nature of the rise in popularity of the digital self-portrait, or as we popularly refer to it, the selfie. For most selfie aficionados, it’s a fun way to share where they are, what they are doing and who they are with. It can even be described as a latter day visual journal – a way to document life and remember special occasions, as long as safety and personal security are a part of the selfie equation. But all too often they are not and the result can be disastrous. Unfortunately, the practice of taking selfies in extreme situations is far too common and it is a trend that has lead to a growing number of injuries and deaths (often of young people), all in the name of getting the most outrageous shot to post or share.

Keep your selfies safe.

Preventing disaster by avoiding hazardous selfie situations should be common sense. After all, shouldn’t we be avoiding hazardous situations anyway? However, when it comes to getting a “killer” selfie, common sense is not always the default mindset. A lot has been reported about daredevil kids who have gambled their safety for an extreme shot with lethal results, but it’s not just the kids that are taking unnecessary risks. We all should be aware of our surroundings and avoid pushing the bounds of reasonable risk when angling for the perfect shot.

Here are just a few of the selfie situations to avoid. Never take a selfie…

  1. While driving
  2. Near the edge of a mountain ledge or rooftop
  3. In the street
  4. From the rail of a boat
  5. On or near high voltage power lines
  6. Around or near wild animals
  7. On train tracks
  8. While operating dangerous equipment
  9. While holding a weapon or doing something illegal
  10. You wouldn’t want your mother to see

These are just a few examples of situations that can spell selfie disaster. The list may sound silly, but unfortunately there are documented cases of deaths and serious injuries for each of them. No selfie is worth a life.

The take-away

The selfie has taken its place in today’s culture. It’s up to us to make sure we teach our kids and remember ourselves, to exercise good judgment and be aware of our surroundings when we are hamming it up for the camera.

Selfie and Social Media – Safety Tips for Parents of Teens

  • Inform your kids to be aware of the world around them at all times before taking pictures or texting friends.
  • Remind teens often that any form of distraction can be dangerous while driving. Never text, use the phone, or take selfies while behind the wheel.
  • Make sure your teens are using proper privacy settings throughout their social media accounts.
  • Teach teens that selfies, social media posts and feedback they receive on social media should not be tied to their self worth.
  • Instruct teens to be careful about settings and items featured in selfies, as predators and identity thieves can easily use them to find clues about their identity and location.
  • Advise teens to only take and post selfies they would be comfortable sharing with the world.
  • Keep tabs on your teen’s digital footprint to ensure they are not posting, sending or viewing anything inappropriate.

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