Innovative Hip and Knee Replacements Deliver Quality Outcomes and Reduced Costs

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November 16, 2017


JACKSON, Miss. – Since 2015, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi and its Outpatient Orthopaedic Centers of Excellence have partnered to offer total joint replacement in the ambulatory outpatient setting. This innovative care model supports clinical advancements adopted by these Network Providers and includes a value-based, episode of care payment model that places the focus on the patient and the quality of care provided.

“Through the partnerships with Mississippi Sports Medicine and Columbus Orthopaedic, we have seen improvements in the quality of care being delivered, with fewer complications and readmissions,” says Dr. Tom Fenter, Chief Medical Officer at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi.

Traditionally, total hip and knee replacement surgeries are performed in an inpatient, hospital setting and require up to three days of recovery in the hospital. Now, through the total joint replacement healthcare delivery model, patients are able to have an optimal surgery experience with quality outcomes and begin recovery at home all within the same day.

“With two years of data behind us, we can clearly show that total joints done in an ambulatory outpatient setting offer both excellent patient outcomes and reduced cost to the consumer all while recovering from major surgery in the comfort and privacy of home,” says Glen Silverman, Chief Executive Officer at Mississippi Sports Medicine.

For more about Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi’s Outpatient Centers of Excellence and the innovative care model for joint replacement in the ambulatory outpatient setting, contact Meredith Bailess at

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