KID’S CORNER: Pup and Bear

By admin
November 15, 2017


By Kate Banks,  Illustrated by Naoko Stoop

Recommended for ages 4 – 8

“You are not my mother, said the wolf pup.

I am not your mother, said the polar bear, but I can cuddle you and keep you safe.”

During the ice melt that follows an Arctic winter, a wolf cub finds himself floating out to sea on a sheet of ice. He awakes lost and alone to an unfamiliar smell: a polar bear. And while the polar bear is not the wolf’s mother, she takes him on her back to her den, where she feeds him, keeps him warm, and does everything a mother would do. Time passes and the cub grows into a wolf. Years later he will have the opportunity to return the favor when a lost polar bear cub shows up in need of help. It is a tale of kindness and parental love that crosses traditional boundaries.

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