THE MIRACLE of eSight Glasses

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November 16, 2017


After years of trial and error a vision enhancement solution has been developed that represents a technological breakthrough like nothing we have seen before. With the development of eSight wearable electronic glasses, people who are legally blind can experience the miracle of sight. The eSight device is hands-free, provides instant sight, enables mobility, and offers an all-in-one solution that can replace the many single-task devices on the market today.

According to the National Federation of the Blind, there are an estimated 1.3 million people in the United States that are legally blind – in Mississippi, there are 93,600. There are many causes of blindness, from being born with a visual disability or becoming blind due to an injury or medical issue. The four leading causes of legal blindness in the U.S. are age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma.

People who are legally blind face considerable challenges when it comes to their daily life – from traveling or simply walking down a crowded street to making use of public transportation, to limited employment opportunities, difficulty in the academic environment and the risk of social isolation. While technology has produced a number of sight enhancement devices that provide limited single-task solutions, until recently, there had not been a breakthrough device that allowed the legally blind to actually see.

Enter eSight Glasses

The eSight device uses a sophisticated high-speed camera, patented video processing software, a computer processor and the highest quality video OLED screens to project a real-time image that allows the legally blind to see most things that a sighted person sees:

  • People’s faces, from up close and from a distance
  • Newspapers, books, menus, signs and other reading materials
  • Computers and other work-related tools
  • TV, movies and other entertainment
  • Concerts, plays and other live events

And eSight is totally mobile, which means a person can use them while walking, participating in sports, watching outdoor events and taking public transportation.

To be considered legally blind, your visual acuity must be 20/200 or worse in your better eye while you are wearing corrective lenses.

Who can benefit from eSight?

eSight works for most people that are legally blind (also known as having low-vision). It does not work for people who are totally or profoundly blind. There has to be some vision, however slight, for eSight glasses to electronically enhance.

How much does eSight cost?

The original cost of eSight glasses was $15,000. There is now an eSight device, the eSight 3, which is approximately $9,000. While the price is more than many individuals can afford to pay, GoFundMe type sights, or corporate sponsors, community and church organizations and other not-for profit funding groups may be able to work with the legally blind to help provide financial assistance purchasing eSight glasses.

While eSight was the first to develop the technology for wearable, electronic vision enhancing glasses, other companies are now providing similar products that span a wide range of styles, prices and capabilities, including: seeBoost and NuEyes. See the following contact information and pricing for electronic vision enhancing devices manufactured by these companies. As technology advances for products like these, the price should continue to decrease and the accessibility to them increase, making them more readily available and more affordable for legally blind and low vision people.

  • eSight Price: $9,000 (Financing available) Phone Number: 855-837-4448 Website:
  • seeBoost Price: $3,000 Phone Number: 972-643-8498 Website:
  • NuEyes Price: $5,995 (Covered by most insurance) Phone Number: 800-605-4033 Website:

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