A Book That Takes Its Time: An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness

By admin
January 14, 2018


By Irene Smit, Astrid van der Hulst and Editors of Flow Magazine

Created in partnership with Flow, A Book That Takes Its Time is a whimsical mix of articles, inspiring quotes, and what the editors call “goodies” – bound-in cards, mini-journals, stickers, posters, blank papers for collaging, and more – giving it a distinctly handcrafted, collectible feeling. It’s like a mindfulness retreat between two covers.

Think of it as an instruction manual for not multitasking. And, tucked between the pages you’ll even find “The Joy of One Thing at a Time Notebook.” It’s a veritable workbook of mindfulness techniques and activities. If you are ready to get off the treadmill and tap into some inner peace, A Book That Takes Its Time, can take you there, but don’t expect to get there in a hurry.

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