Meaningful Work

By admin
January 14, 2018


By Shawn Askinosie

Shawn Askinosie, the founder and CEO of Askinosie Chocolate, an award-winning craft chocolate factory, shares how he discovered the secret to purposeful work and business − and how we can too.

Meaningful Work is an inspiring guide to discovering a vocation that feeds your heart and soul, Askinosie explains how his quest to find more meaningful work led him on an unlikely path – from volunteering in a palliative care wing of a hospital, to visiting a Trappist monastery where he was inspired by the monks’ focus on “being” rather than “doing,” and eventually to traipsing through jungles across the globe in search of excellent cocoa bean farmers to make award winning chocolate. Askinosie shares his hard-won insights into doing work that reflects one’s values and purpose in life. He shares with readers what he describes as visioning tools to creating a work life that is inspired and fulfilling.

With the exception of a fortunate few who are independently wealthy and live off their trust funds, we all have to work. In Meaningful Work, Askinosie shows how we can find meaning in our work and be a positive force for change.

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