kid’s corner: Wordy Birdy

By admin
May 05, 2018


By Tammi Sauer, Illustrated by Dave Mottram

Wordy Birdy, is a very chatty bird who talks WAY more than she listens! She has lots to say and sometimes that can get her into trouble. Know anybody like that?

One day, while she’s walking through the forest, Wordy Birdy’s gift of gab and lack of listening threatens to put her in real danger. “That’s a pretty tree and that’s a pretty tree and that’s a pretty danger sign and that’s a pretty tree. . . ,” she chatters, without taking the time to pay attention to the warning that is right in front of her. Fortunately her long-suffering, heard-it-all-before pals Squirrel, Raccoon, and Rabbit step in just in time to save their distracted friend.

Author Tammi Sauer’s funny, fast-paced, and lovable escapade thrills and tickles kids and their parents while teaching a great lesson about the importance of paying attention – and of standing by your friends through thick and thin.

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